Monday, 22 August 2016

Wave goodbye........

Roseate Tern and 400 plus Common Terns went south past Whitburn Obs this morning. It was a case of wave goodbye as birds headed south, Arctic Terns are down to a trickle and Common Terns headed off en mass
The sight of a Grey Squirrel looking at me from the Obs wall and a Willow Warbler visit added to the variety of the watch and this is what i saw in order of appearance

Monday 22nd August 05.20-10.00 S1-2 cloud 8/8

Eider 3 on the sea
Black h Gull 3n 29s
Common Scoter 4n 1s
Shag 1n
Common Gull 1n 7s
Ruff 1s
Sandwich Tern 13n 117s
Common Tern 16n 323s in addition another 70 plus had congregated on the rocks below the obs
Arctic Tern 3n 3s
Cormorant 52n 423s that's probably a new day record
Swift 10s
Redshank 19n 53s
Knot 2s
Red th Diver 1s
Turnstone 1n
Willow Warbler 1 in obs a few more were calling
Kestrel 1s
Ringed Plover 49s
Sparrowhawk 1n 1s
Greylag Goose 1s
Grey Squirrel 1 on obs wall
Roseate Tern 1s ad
LBBGull 2s
Teal 2n
Wigeon 3s
Shelduck 8s
Curlew 2n 1s
Common Sandpiper 1s

Sunday, 21 August 2016

And for my next trick....

Whinchat and Spotted Flycatcher were amongst the tranche of species seen from Whitburn Obs today. Magic Mark the magician conjured up another couple of Obs year ticks for me today with Whinchat on the rifle range and a Spotted Flycatcher perched on the fence close by, well spotted Mark.
My Obs year list has hit 162 the same total as i finished on in my first year in 2013, my target is to beat last years 169
Saint Mark was back from the bird fair and Boy Wonder back from his local mega finds and we did our best but sea birds were hard to nail in bright sun on a westerly, still we did ok and this is what we saw in order of appearance

Sunday 21st August 05.20-09.30 W3 cloud 1/8

Black h Gull 4n 25s
Sandwich Tern 115n 37s
Common Gull 1n 17s
Common Tern 16n 136s
Arctic Tern 12n 2s
Curlew 3n
Common Scoter 14n 11s
Redshank 1n 3s
Turnstone 8n 3s
Shoveler 2n
Arctic Skua 1n 4s
Knot 1n 1s
Shelduck 9n 2s
Whimbrel 2n 1s
Manxie 3n 9s
Oystercatcher 18s
Teal 29n 5s
Ringed Plover 1s
Mallard 1s
Porpoise 2n
Dunlin 2n
Black tailed Godwit 3s
Heron 1n 1s
Spotted Flycatcher 1 on fence then obs wall
Swift 4s
Ruff 1s
Willow Warbler 1 in front of obs
Whinchat 1 on rifle range
Yellow Wagtail 1n

Friday, 19 August 2016

Wood you believe it.........

Long tailed Skua 2 Roseate Terns and a Wood Sandpiper passed Whitburn Obs by 10.30 this morning. It was an action packed watch and not one to miss.... Magic Mark joined me and was in fine form calling our third Long tail of he year.
The Wood Sandpiper was only the second recorded past the Obs ever, add to that Greenshank and Ruff  12 species of wader and youve got a cracking watch
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Friday 19th August 05.30-10.30 SE2 cloud 8/8

Black h Gull 4n 12s
Curlew 2n 3s
Teal 261n 183s
Wigeon 6n 2s
Shag 1n 5s
Eider 2s
Arctic Skua 1n 7s
Redshank 61s
Sanderling 8n 3s
Red th Diver 1s
Common Tern 27n 193s
Whimbrel 3s
Manxie 12n 13s
Common Scoter 174n 146s
LBBGull 4s
Arctic Tern 21n 1s
Dunlin 20n 1s
Turnstone 2n 2s
Common Gull 1n 5s
Shoveler 3n
Sandwich Tern 2n 6s
Roseate Tern 2s ad and juv
Golden Plover 26s
Long tailed Skua 1s ad 08.25
Greenshank 1s was probably still on rocks below obs when we left
Oystercatcher 20s
Wood Sandpiper 1s
Ruff 1s
Knot 9s

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Ducks galore.......

688 Common Scoter and 369 Teal have passed Whitburn Obs in 8 hours over the last two days. Ducks galore! a lot more would have passed unrecorded so lets hope someone can carry on counting today. Plenty of other good birds are about so its worth a visit, please record your sightings in the log book
This is what i saw in 2 hours this morning

Wednesday 17th August 05.10-07.10 S2 cloud 2/8

Curlew 9n
Black h Gull 8s
Heron 1n
Teal 209n 1s
Common Tern 15n 12s
Sandwich Tern 11n 13s
Common Scoter 92n
Med Gull 1n ad
Dunlin 8n
Whimbrel 1n
Shag 2s
Shoveler 1n
Arctic Tern 10s
Common Gull 5n
Mallard 2n
Redshank 1n
Wigeon 1n
Manxie 9n 6s

Monday, 15 August 2016

Shear heaven...

Balearic and 168 Manx Shearwaters passed Whitburn Obs in four hours this morning. Stoney was in the house and in flat calm conditions we had a cracking watch with loads of birds offshore. It was our first Med type Shearwater of the season and hopefully more will follow after a quiet year in 2015.
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Monday 15th August 05.05-09.05 SW1-2 cloud 6/8

Curlew 2n
Turnstone3n 3s
Common Tern 37n 43s
Oyster Catcher 31s
Teal 30n 2s
Black h Gull 1n 2s
Redshank 36n 96s
Dunlin 8n 16s
Sandwich Tern 17n 7s
Manxie 98n 70s
Porpoise 6n
Arctic Skua 1n
Shag 3n 1s
Velvet Scoter 1n 2s
Sanderling 10s
Ringed Plover 1n 20s
Shelduck 2n
Balearic Shearwater 1n 06.35
Shoveler 3n
Arctic Tern 30n 8s
Eider 1n
Peregrine 1s juv
Great crested Grebe 1n
Common Sandpiper 1n

Friday, 12 August 2016

Well Spotted......

Spotted Redshank and 2 Arctic Skuas passed Whitburn Obs by 09.30 this morning. Stoney was in the house and called the Spot Shank as it went south behind some Oiks, a mega Obs year tick sorted. When The Sheriff called it going back north later i didn't get on it....phew. My Obs list is now on 159 just 10 short of last years record breaking 169, so on target with plenty of time left
It was another westerly with poor light at times bu we enjoyed our watch, his is what we saw in order of appearance

Friday 12th August 05.15-09.30 W2 cloud 7/8 then 2/8 later

Common Scoter 64n 8s
Cormorant 36n 403s
Oyster Catcher 8s
Manxie 8n 3s
Common Gull 2n 4s
Curlew 6n 1s
Red th Diver 1s
Grey Heron 2n
Common Tern 13n 29s
Arctic Tern 13n
Eider 1s
Sandwich Tern 28n 4s
Black h Gull 1s
Swift 3s
Shelduck 2n 3s
Spotted Redshank 1s 07.10 1n 09.05
Ringed Plover 6n
Dunlin 1s
Arctic Skua 2n
Teal 4s
Porpoise 4n
Red br Merganser 1n
Sparrowhawk 1n
Goosander 1n
Whimbrel 1n 1s
Gannet 141n 37s

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Skua surge....

2 Sooty Shearwaters and 15 Arctic Skuas passed Whitburn Obs by 07.30 this morning. Magic Mark joined me and Stoney was in the house. It was a nice change to see some Skuas as they have been very thin on the ground so far this year, shame the light was rubbish,
I left Mark and Rob int obs as i headed for work
This is what we saw in order of appearance

Wednesday 10th August 05.00-07.30 N2 cloud 2/8

Common Gull 4n 3s
Sandwich Tern 66n 18s
Manxie 97n 2s
Common Tern 36n 12s
Fulmar 75n
Arctic Skua 4n 11s
Gropper still reeling
Arctic Tern 4n
Redshank 3n
Turnstone 1n
Sooty Shearweater 2n
Dunlin 2s
Shag 1s
Bonxie 1n
Oyster Catcher 1s
Common Scoter 3n 1s
Porpoise 1n